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At the very beginning

I am late to the party as usual – typical – but HAPPY NEW YEAR my darlings!

2015 has sprinted into our lives and once again filled us all with the hope of a luckier and happier year to come. New beginnings have always been exciting – everything seems possible – the unwritten future invites you to reinvent yourself with each new day…okay, that’s enough poetry now.

The absolute truth is that a year is long and tiring. Drama happens, no matter how hard we try to avoid it, and the joys of success are at times blunted by sorrow and frustration. So when the a brand new year comes bounding into our lives like a Labrador puppy, we want to embrace it tight!

That feeling of anything can happen is wonderful – is it not? I’m so happy for you, wherever you are, 2015 is as brand new and full of opportunity for you as it is for me!

Where have I been? I hear you not ask.

I spent a week over Christmas in the Big Apple – New YorkIt was a trip which was planned several months in advance, and I was beyond myself at the prospect of Christmas in the city that never sleeps.

I have some pictures for you – real ones taken with a camera!

central park Cloisters DEER Met night Pigeon rock stained glass Wall st

Have you noticed the lack of snow? Yep, there was no cold, snowy festive weather to prance around in, but it was incredibly fun discovering a new city in a country I’ve only ever seen in the movies and TV shows I use to procrastinate my work life with!

Now I’m back in London and ready to enjoy 2015 to the max!

Here’s to a brilliant year!

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In the sunny spirit of things!

Hello lovely people!

How are you feeling on this fine Sunday? Is there a spring to your step? Is there a smile on your face?

I sure hope you are feeling super good today, and if you wouldn’t quite define your current mood as such, don’t worry – here’s a big virtual hug from me!

Why on earth are you feeling so chirpy? – you may find yourself asking (irritatedly or curiously) at the screen. Well, there’s no secret that sunshine makes my brain buzz with excitement – and today I woke up to find that the Sun has missed me also and is ready for a big reunion! London doesn’t get much of a Summer, majority of our year is spent battling the prolonged and miserable mixture of Autumn and Winter, so when the Sun does shine we celebrate with all our being!

The arrival of warm weather brings a smile to people’s faces and I am not excluded from this deal. With my windowsill garden growing green and tall, and creative projects lining up for the moment of freedom following exams – I have a spring in my step! The prospect of new activities on the horizon makes me enthusiastic to complete the tasks of today. Although, last weekend was a stew of unproductive guilt and time-wasting, this week has been getting better. I made it on to the trains in the nick of time, I got into the swing of studying even when I really didn’t want to, and I was quite efficient in ticking items off of my serious long to-do list. Yes, I must admit, my body and mind was tired by the end of the week, but after a little bit of rest and quiet with the addition of glorious sunshine, I am in good spirits once again!

I hope you have a wonderful day wherever you choose to spend it! Stay happy, remember to eat plenty of fruit and wash it down with lots of water. Thanks for stopping by to read best friend!


The London commute

Hello lovely reader, how is your day panning out so far? No doubt there have been ups and downs on a micro, yet highly significant level. Not to worry, we’ve all been there. Have you ever commuted during the rush hour of the busy London underground system of stuffy trains packed with stuffy people? Yep, that’s a real downer.

London is one of those cities which is loved by those who live outside of it’s borders and grudgingly tolerated by those who are trapped within. Why yes, it does have wonderful amenities, beautiful museums and galleries, most are free for the culture seeking public. It’s a lovely place to visit – heck, even I fall back in love with it when I have time to spend roaming the streets of this city. Unfortunately, it can be infuriating to live and work in – thanks to the busy public transport system.

Do you understand the term ‘too close for comfort’? You definitely would if you have ever been smothered by a stranger’s armpit. Sometimes there is not even a millimeter of space between your cheek and a strange suited back. You can’t afford to pull up your slightly loose or ill fitting jeans because the process will lead to you elbowing the person next to you to amplify your unflattering moment. There’s nowhere for you to really look at during the journey – a face is too intimate, a crotch is even moreso – you end up looking desperately at the tube map and surrounding advertising.

There’s nothing quite like a commute through London on the beloved tube. Whereas a tourist may look at the situation with excited eyes, for those of us who have this as a reality of everyday life, our eyes may seem dead in comparison.

It’s truly one of those ‘can’t live with it, can’t live without it’ situations. The service may be infuriating, depressing and uncomfortable but it’s also the quickest way to get to the best bits of London!