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The incidental discovery of treasure

Today, I was cleaning, clearing and rearranging, when I made a discovery.

My house is cleaned on a regular basis, but there are always corners I can’t reach and furniture I can’t move, which means that the entire house needs to undergo a huge clean up operation every couple of months. Today was on of those days. If only I did major clear out of my home more often – I wouldn’t need to search for another gym ever again.

Even though my back aches like it has aged by 90 years in the last few hours, I am here to report my findings to you, lovely reader.

In my bedroom I have a heavy, white vanity table. It’s not the standard cutesy thing – this one is huge and it means business! On it I have every possible object in the world, except a vanity mirror and make up. These circumstances make this table in particular really difficult to move. But with the sun shining and the energetic determination I woke up with this morning, nothing was going to stop me from cleaning behind it. It took me 20 minutes to inch it away from the wall so I could get behind it, but it was 20 minutes well spent because I couldn’t contain my excitement at what I discovered.

I found a pile of notebooks and folders, which had fallen behind the table and lost in time for the last century or so. Opening the purple folder was the most delightful thing, because I remembered what I had kept in there – my old drawings! These aren’t amateur paintings done in school when I was still too young to understand the building blocks of a simple circle. No, these are drawings I had done during my teenage years.

I have always had a love of animated movies and cartoons. I still do. I have always loved the freedom to create anything you wish when you choose to tell a story in drawings. And that’s exactly how I spent my hours at school – why don’t teachers ever appreciate your artistic drive and inspiration?

So I thought I’d show you a few! Some belong to a story I had begun telling before Disney called it Tangled – about a particularly feisty Rapunzel who had no desire to fall for the Prince Not-So-Charming. Some are just scribbles which look a bit emo from this point in time. Regardless, I hope you enjoy!

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March jitters

The Northern hemisphere is loving the Sun. It’s so bright, warm and very welcome!

March is a great month – mainly because it marks the end of the cold Winter. However, March can also be the time when students all over the world begin to feel the jitters of stress.

I don’t know why it is that most school systems insist on having the academic year between September and July – but I suspect it is a timeline decided by expert torturers. They expect those poor, vulnerable and eternally hungry students to motivate themselves to leave the comfort of their warm beds to attend classes in the gloomy Winter days, and then expect them to be under voluntary house arrest when the Sun has come out to party in the Summer.

Ergh. That’s just hurtful to my nature.

Although I hate to admit it, March is the time to start the consideration process of settling down to some hardcore revision. My psyche is fine and having a blast during the first 50% of the year, but the moment March comes round, all my internal alarm systems are triggered.

It’s hard to stay motivated when you’re stuck inside, metaphorically chained to a desk and hearing the world outside your window sizzle with the great mood the Spring and Summer months provide us with.

But we must persevere! Soon enough, we will be able to run through the streets with shorts on, ice cream in hand and eventually pass out from heatstroke. Until then, we have to understand the limitations of being students and appreciate that this phase in our lives is only temporary (unless you are philosophically literal, in which case we are eternal students in the school of the Universe – but that’s not what I’m talking about).

I hope the Sun is out where you are, and I hope you will have the opportunity to enjoy it soon. For those of you who are not students/have deadlines in the Summer, well you are extremely lucky, and we envy you…in a really nice, loving, hug-giving kind of way!


5 things you shouldn’t do when you’re studying

Procrastinating is an innate human behaviour. That’s my opinion based on the highly commended science I made up whilst I was meant to be writing an essay. The ability to distract oneself from studying is something we all master early in our schooling careers, and whilst there’s an infinite number of things students shouldn’t do whilst studying, I thought I’d just list 5 of them for your education and entertainment.

5 things you shouldn’t do when you’re studying

1. Pretend like you can study with a movie/TV show in the background

Ninja-kick your TV in the face!

Ninja-kick your TV in the face!

Come on, we have all done this, and some of us still do (guilty). We think that we are mega-uber-awesome at multitasking and sit in front of the TV or computer with a textbook in hand, supposedly working. Sorry to burst your bubble but it just doesn’t work! You probably have a unique set of excuses when someone questions your very bad habit, I know that my favourite one is “…but I work better with something interesting to keep me motivated whilst I study“. Whatever your excuse is, that’s exactly what it is – an excuse! There is nothing more distracting to our brains than your favourite TV show or an action movie, and there you are…practically handing yourself to unproductivity. Having anything on in the background means you work slower than you otherwise would, and that you reduce your enjoyment of watching TV or ze vonderful internet. For all my fellow students out there, physically switch off your distractions, work hard for a set time then sit back, relax and let your eyes feast on the entertainment. Thou shalt not pretend any longer!

2. Sitting at your desk, daydreaming



Oh, here’s another sin we all commit. Whatever you’re working on becomes dull, drab, boring…you start yawning – maybe you should take a nap, you look at the time…maybe you shouldn’t. You think you may be hungry, you are the stomach-growl whisperer. What should you eat? And you don’t realise it but you are lost in your own thoughts, metaphorically salivating over dreamland pizzas and burgers. Daydreaming by the desk happens to all of us, and sometimes it’s not such a bad thing. It can be refreshing to think about something other than your studies for a couple of minutes, and then return with new motivation and inspiration. However, the problem is when we run away with the unicorns and become lost in our thought bubbles. You waste time at your desk, inactive and unproductive, when you could just finish off your task at hand and then go enjoy yourself doing all the wonderful things you would have daydreamed about! When you catch yourself getting a bit tired, a little bit too bored with work, just take a minute to stand up, shake it off, stretch like a lion (the roar is optional) and get yourself psyched to get one more thing off of your To-Do list! Hocus focus!

3. Become convinced it’s time for a deep clean

Don't let yourself become a cleaning zombie!

Don’t let yourself become a cleaning zombie!

I am definitely a victim of this one! When it’s time to do work, my mis-wired brain thinks what I actually mean is “let’s clean the whole house“. I don’t just dust and tidy superficially…oh no, I reorganise and dig up history! Needless to say, this is a very time consuming form of procrastination, and if you let yourself get OCD about it, you could end up cleaning for several days! I don’t have any tips of how you should get around this one, apart from just don’t do it. Your brain is trying to think of every other activity you could do instead of working – it’s not like it would tell you to get and clean if you were watching TV or about sit down for dinner right? You can tidy up once your studies are complete, and then enjoy your squeaky clean room – but let’s face it…you wouldn’t think about deep cleaning unless you were about to sit down to type that essay!

4. End up on YouTube

internet coma!

internet coma!

I do it. You do it. Everyone does it. Once the computer is switched on you will be on YouTube. You might be incorporating point 1 with this (pretend like you can study with a movie/TV show in the background). Unless you’re watching one of those super useful education videos, which are explaining in human terms how you should go about finishing off your homework, yes unless you’re doing that…you’re just wasting your time. YouTube is great entertainment, one can spend hours on it just clicking through the related side videos – before you know it the clock reads 3AM. Unfortunately, there is no room for YouTube when you should be working hard! It’s the mother of all procrastination methods, because there is never an end to the chain of videos you can watch. I once watched a video where a very nice man rescued abandoned dogs, and came out of an internet-coma 2 hours later! It’s a habit we all do, if you have a favourite site (mine is YouTube) you switch on the computer, open your browser, type the first letter and your computer is so lovely to remember your addiction on your behalf…and there you go…that’s valuable study time out of the window! Don’t do it. Don’t. You know you are the weaker one, and you will be sucked in by those pesky psychic recommended videos! Close your browser and focus. After all, distance makes the heart grow fonder and videos funnier.

5. Frown



Maybe you’re studying a really hard topic, it’s tough, difficult and impossible. Maybe you’re working on something frustrating, it’s tough, difficult and impossible. You don’t realise it but you’re probably frowning. Stop it! Learning and studying is the mastery of life…not kick-starting the ageing process. By relaxing your face you will prevent those painful headaches and may even feel calmer whilst you are working away. It’s important to let work get you down, it is just another aspect of your life and you will overcome it to achieve great results. Be proud that you have gotten this far and feel inspired that you have the good health and energy to tackle it’s challenges. Try to be interested in your topic of study, read a bit more in depth to find something about it that really pulls you in. Remember that everything you learn adds to your existence. You will have something new to add to a conversation with friends, colleagues and teachers. You may stumble upon something unexpected that you would like to pursue further. Who knows? Try to keep an open mind, willing to learn and have fun. However, if what you are working on is so very much so so so dull, just remind yourself that once adrenaline kicks in about a day or two before your deadline, you will be on fire and complete it in record time!