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At the very beginning

I am late to the party as usual – typical – but HAPPY NEW YEAR my darlings!

2015 has sprinted into our lives and once again filled us all with the hope of a luckier and happier year to come. New beginnings have always been exciting – everything seems possible – the unwritten future invites you to reinvent yourself with each new day…okay, that’s enough poetry now.

The absolute truth is that a year is long and tiring. Drama happens, no matter how hard we try to avoid it, and the joys of success are at times blunted by sorrow and frustration. So when the a brand new year comes bounding into our lives like a Labrador puppy, we want to embrace it tight!

That feeling of anything can happen is wonderful – is it not? I’m so happy for you, wherever you are, 2015 is as brand new and full of opportunity for you as it is for me!

Where have I been? I hear you not ask.

I spent a week over Christmas in the Big Apple – New YorkIt was a trip which was planned several months in advance, and I was beyond myself at the prospect of Christmas in the city that never sleeps.

I have some pictures for you – real ones taken with a camera!

central park Cloisters DEER Met night Pigeon rock stained glass Wall st

Have you noticed the lack of snow? Yep, there was no cold, snowy festive weather to prance around in, but it was incredibly fun discovering a new city in a country I’ve only ever seen in the movies and TV shows I use to procrastinate my work life with!

Now I’m back in London and ready to enjoy 2015 to the max!

Here’s to a brilliant year!


The colour of winter is blue

im winter blues

Here in London, Winter and Autumn are two seasons so in love with each other that they fuse into one rainy-cold-dark seven month period. Technically, we’re in autumn now – you know if you measured the trajectory of Earth’s orbit around the Sun – but subjectively it feels far too cold to stick to restrictive terminology.

Winter Blues is most certainly real. If you ask a doctor they will explain that the correct term for it is Seasonal Affective Disordersounds serious right? It essentially means that your overall mood is affected by the seasons, in a negative way, and winter is the usual culprit.

How could one not feel saddened by winter? Sure, there’s Christmas and New Year’s to get excited about, and our American friends have their Thanksgiving celebrations, oh and let’s not forget how the holiday of Love sits towards the end of the season on the 14th of February. However, a few colourful party days can not alleviate the weight of winter – and so, it is the season of complaining.

I complain wholeheartedly about the brutal awakening each morning to the alarm clock, which is ahead of sunrise by two hours. Forcing myself out of bed when the world is dark and absolutely freezing is not only unnatural, but incredibly painful. I sleep in socks so I don’t have to place my feet on cold ground during the dash to the bathroom. With the dramatic shortening of daylight hours, I have to leave the house in the darkest hour and only manage to return long after the sun has disappeared!

I complain sincerely about the lack of greenery. Autumn strips all trees of their green colours and after a brief red-golden show, all that’s left behind are bare branches. Walking under the all grey sky, I can’t help but feel like everything around me is entering survival mode – and that’s depressing to think about.

I complain avidly about being ill. Recently I was struck down by the horrendous flu – coughing, sneezing, losing the inability to smell or taste food, developing a fever, aching all over and general grumpiness – the flu is a gift that keeps on giving!

And now winter is pretty much here in London. I’ve been layering woolly clothes in doors, drinking plenty of hot tea, and find that I’m still freezing when I venture outside despite being under a massive coat and a matching set of gloves and scarf.

I hope you all stay in good spirits this season!

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Happy New Year (resolution)!


Yes, we are officially in 2014, and boy, am I glad to welcome its arrival. There is nothing better than the first few days of a fresh new year. Standing at this point in time, the future is full of so much positive potential just waiting to become a reality. Its invigorating isn’t it?

Apart from the food, the laughter, the family, the friends, the drinks, the chocolates, the glitter, the party hats, the excitement and the sheer joy of it all, there is one thing we’re all pressured to do – commit to a New Year’s resolution.

Have you made your mind up yet? Obviously, there is the always popular option of adopting a healthier lifestyle, which saves you time and breath as you don’t have to list the 101 habits you so terribly enjoy indulging in. Whether you’re replacing burgers with salad or going to buy a bike and some tight shorts to go with it, a healthier lifestyle is always a positive thing that we should invite into our lives. But if you are anything like me, you didn’t want to waste time promising something you know you already do so well (extreme denial), then you might be finding it a bit of a challenge, this New year resolution thing. I wish you luck for the process!

After spending a significant couple of minutes analysing my far from perfect life, I came to my decision. What I need to make my existence better is…

…a drum roll please…

My 2014 resolution is to wake up at 7am every morning!***

It would be wonderful to start the day off at 7am – I’d have so much time to do everything I usually put off till the evening. Let’s face it I’m absolutely knackered by 5pm and merely function at my most basic level: eating, thinking about eating more, watching the fabulous internet and waiting to feel sleepy enough to get into bed. That is why I always have a ridiculously long To-Do list, because I don’t have enough high performance time in my day. So 7am it is!

***Note: I’ll probably lose all recollection of the current excitement I feel about this resolution as soon as my alarm goes off at 7 in bloody morning, and most likely go back to sleep until it is well into the afternoon. Thank you for reading anyway.