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On a cellular level

How have you been?

I’ve been fine, thank you very much. This week has been a busy one, but productivity does feel good – so I can’t complain much! I have completed yet another animated Illustrated Health video, which I hope you will all enjoy (just go to the bottom of this post to see it)! This video is about the difference between healthy and cancer cells in our bodies. Cancer is a disease most of us have experienced the devastating effects of – even if you haven’t been afflicted by it, most of us know someone who has. My aim with Illustrated Health is to create awareness about different diseases and conditions, but also about how our bodies work – because let’s face it, if we become experts on our own health, we are bound to care much more about it! And cartoons make anything and everything more accessible!

On another note, I spent majority of the week procrastinating on the purchase of a pumpkin – and then I spent the eve of Halloween moaning about not having a pumpkin. Unfortunately, I sometimes become that person. But I did get dressed up for the occasion, and I decided to become an angry looking granny…how original, I know!

I hope you have had a wonderful week!

Enjoy the video!


A sweet reunion!


My beautiful people! Can you believe it has already been an entire week since I have posted? Me, neither!

Well, I have been very busy getting excited about illustrated moment and illustrated health (the family just keeps growing) – I have been working on new videos, new posts, and a new header image for this blog. You see, I design my own and usually I have my dorky illustrations but one day I got lazy and decided colourful circles would be enough – now I am embarrassed and ready to remove the shame!

The new video has just been uploaded to the YouTube channel and I have also placed it at the bottom of this post for your entertainment! I would really, really, really appreciate it if you check it out – this is a project I’ve been working on for a while and rolling it out finally is making me a little nervous. Thank you so much in advance!

Oh, I want to warn you all about something – if you have clicked the follow button or subscribed with your email address to this little blog of mine, I will be getting in touch with you shortly – I know that sounds really creepy (accept my apologies), but I have previously written about my desire to reach out to you because I draw so much encouragement from all of your comments and so much inspiration from your great blogs, and I think it’s time to say a proper hello! If you haven’t yet subscribed to illustrated moment but you want to get in on the action and be a part of the virtual group hug, which is about to happen (I sound crazy) – then fret not my friend! Just click the follow button at the top-right of this page!

Here’s the new video – I hope you have a wonderful day!


When the dead resurrect

im zombie

Resurrection. It’s a TV show, soon to start its second season – maybe you’ve heard of it.

For those of you that are like “I don’t watch TV because I actually have a life…hahaha…unlike you, loser”, I say hahaha I also don’t watch TV because I live on the internet.

One of my favourite pastimes is to get stuck into a brilliantly intelligent show – and I hunt all over for them. The other day I came across a trailer for Resurrection, and thought why not? I know I’m late to the action, only hearing about it just before the start of the second season, but I watched all of it in one sitting so I feel entitled to an opinion.

Resurrection is a show about…well…resurrection. There’s a small town in America (of course), which has residents who are conservative and quite Christian. One day something weird happens and a boy who has been dead for 32 years randomly appears in China, and he hasn’t aged a single moment. The weird get weirder when more of the dead appear to have risen, and shake this town up.

If resurrection became a real thing in this universe, it would be both freaky but also cool. I would get to see my grandparents again, we’d all stop fearing death and disease would just be a discomfort rather than a threat to life. Sounds cool right?

Well these people have been popping up in random locations and trying to reunite with their families. Cool right? Here’s the thing…they all revive looking immaculate. Their clothes are straight from catalogues and their hair sparkly clean. If I resurrected from the dead, no doubt that I would come back in either my pyjamas or my tracksuits. My hair would most likely be in a messy bun – definitely not camera friendly.

The show is definitely interesting, but as remakes of darker European shows, the American versions can seem much more chirpy and sunny. Then again, I’m not one for scary stuff.

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The 4 truths of being a pet owner

Living with a pet is the most amazing thing, right?

Watching them grow up in front of your eyes and becoming more confident with each passing day. Watching them make a complete mess of your house but only being able to see their cuteness. Caring for them by cleaning and feeding. Playing with them. Using every given opportunity to buy them new treats and toys.

Oh, what great fun it is to have a pet! Or is it that your pet has you…?

Are you ready for the 4 universal truths of being a pet owner? In the usual illustrated moment tradition there will be dorky cartoons to emphasise my points, and today the role of the pets will be starring the Bumble chicks!

Let’s begin with the first truth!

1. You are their personal slave

Once upon a time you had autonomy – you decided how you spent your time. You were wild and free! But then you brought home your pet and now you are doting on their every demand. You feed them when they want to be fed – how dare you try to adjust their diet into something healthier! It is playtime when they are in the mood for it – what do you mean you have other areas of your life you need to pay attention to? You may sleep soundly when they permit it – why do you keep moaning about this ‘not getting enough sleep‘ thing? Admit it, you are their personal slave and you don’t even mind it. You witness that little jump for joy and the energetic, happy run at 3 in the morning and every bit of it is justified for you! Ah, the ball and chain of Love.

2. Your day revolves around them

Your beloved pet determines every aspect of your life. All the activities in your day are scheduled after their needs have been met. It’s all part of being a loving pet owner. Sure, it can be annoying when you don’t have a pet who is good with travelling or boarding services, so you must resort to never taking a holiday. Yes, sometimes you want to stay out a bit later than usual, enjoying the moment, but actually you must get home because they would have missed you and you can’t stop thinking about them. Of course, you would absolutely love a lie in and wake up lazily around midday to forage for food in the fridge, but let’s face it, they determine when you wake up as well as when you can sleep. Our pets can be demanding and bossy but isn’t it amazing to know that they crave our attention because they love and trust us completely? Our day may revolve around them but we must remember that they depend on us with their lives.

3. You are convinced they understand you

You moan about your day to them, you sing to them, you read them bedtime stories, you don’t swear around them, you use baby babble to coo at them. Whatever means of weird and wonderful communication you have adopted with your beloved pet, just know that non-pet owners think you’re losing it in the mental department. Some pets are intelligent and well trained to understand certain words and gestures, but I don’t have that kind of pet. I am the proud owner of a rabbit by the name of Bilbo and he is deaf. Yet I still speak to him and read him bedtime stories (not making this up), because in my heart I think he understands the attention I give him. When we communicate with our pets we tend to face them, make eye contact and physical gestures, and for that moment we are not glued to a computer screen or a phone – that has to mean something to them. However, I must admit that sometimes I see understanding in their eyes and then the conscious decision being made to be mischievous, just because they know we can’t do anything about it. Little cute monsters.

4. Your choice of discipline? Why, cuddles of course

Oh goodness me! They have been so naughty! They’ve just chewed through your favourite shoes, gotten into your important documents, declared war on the furniture and momentarily lost all sense of toilet training. You might think you’re mad, but if a human did the same, you would have attacked them by now. So you’re not that mad. In fact when you look into their guilty eyes you are sent into a trance. But you must show them you’re not happy with what they have done – you wouldn’t want to encourage this type of behaviour. You hold them close and cuddle them as you softly explain in big words that they should never do that again, but that you love them. Yes, you’re a pro at this. The truth is your love for them trumps anything else, which makes you the best pet owner ever, and that’s why they can reciprocate all those squishy feelings. For our beloved pets, positivity and rewards when they are well behaved works better than any form of negative discipline method you could adopt.

Here’s to pets and being owned by them!

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Happy New Year (resolution)!


Yes, we are officially in 2014, and boy, am I glad to welcome its arrival. There is nothing better than the first few days of a fresh new year. Standing at this point in time, the future is full of so much positive potential just waiting to become a reality. Its invigorating isn’t it?

Apart from the food, the laughter, the family, the friends, the drinks, the chocolates, the glitter, the party hats, the excitement and the sheer joy of it all, there is one thing we’re all pressured to do – commit to a New Year’s resolution.

Have you made your mind up yet? Obviously, there is the always popular option of adopting a healthier lifestyle, which saves you time and breath as you don’t have to list the 101 habits you so terribly enjoy indulging in. Whether you’re replacing burgers with salad or going to buy a bike and some tight shorts to go with it, a healthier lifestyle is always a positive thing that we should invite into our lives. But if you are anything like me, you didn’t want to waste time promising something you know you already do so well (extreme denial), then you might be finding it a bit of a challenge, this New year resolution thing. I wish you luck for the process!

After spending a significant couple of minutes analysing my far from perfect life, I came to my decision. What I need to make my existence better is…

…a drum roll please…

My 2014 resolution is to wake up at 7am every morning!***

It would be wonderful to start the day off at 7am – I’d have so much time to do everything I usually put off till the evening. Let’s face it I’m absolutely knackered by 5pm and merely function at my most basic level: eating, thinking about eating more, watching the fabulous internet and waiting to feel sleepy enough to get into bed. That is why I always have a ridiculously long To-Do list, because I don’t have enough high performance time in my day. So 7am it is!

***Note: I’ll probably lose all recollection of the current excitement I feel about this resolution as soon as my alarm goes off at 7 in bloody morning, and most likely go back to sleep until it is well into the afternoon. Thank you for reading anyway.