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Look at what I’ve been working on!

im dm2

Okay! Stop sending me judgement vibes! I haven’t posted as regularly as my sanity would like but I have been busy producing good stuff for all you lovely people – I promise!

Take a look at that picture – yes, that is my depiction of the human immune system. I’ve been working hard on a series of animated videos about medical conditions, and trust me when I say that I still have a long way to go before I can face publishing them online. It has been such an exciting project, but one which requires a lot of time and energy.

I wanted to show you this single frame from one of the videos, can you guess which disease I’m in the midst of explaining here?

My vacation time is coming to a swift end but I feel happy, rested, and mostly optimistic about my abilities to continue working on my creative projects while I work hard to graduate from university this year!



When the dead resurrect

im zombie

Resurrection. It’s a TV show, soon to start its second season – maybe you’ve heard of it.

For those of you that are like “I don’t watch TV because I actually have a life…hahaha…unlike you, loser”, I say hahaha I also don’t watch TV because I live on the internet.

One of my favourite pastimes is to get stuck into a brilliantly intelligent show – and I hunt all over for them. The other day I came across a trailer for Resurrection, and thought why not? I know I’m late to the action, only hearing about it just before the start of the second season, but I watched all of it in one sitting so I feel entitled to an opinion.

Resurrection is a show about…well…resurrection. There’s a small town in America (of course), which has residents who are conservative and quite Christian. One day something weird happens and a boy who has been dead for 32 years randomly appears in China, and he hasn’t aged a single moment. The weird get weirder when more of the dead appear to have risen, and shake this town up.

If resurrection became a real thing in this universe, it would be both freaky but also cool. I would get to see my grandparents again, we’d all stop fearing death and disease would just be a discomfort rather than a threat to life. Sounds cool right?

Well these people have been popping up in random locations and trying to reunite with their families. Cool right? Here’s the thing…they all revive looking immaculate. Their clothes are straight from catalogues and their hair sparkly clean. If I resurrected from the dead, no doubt that I would come back in either my pyjamas or my tracksuits. My hair would most likely be in a messy bun – definitely not camera friendly.

The show is definitely interesting, but as remakes of darker European shows, the American versions can seem much more chirpy and sunny. Then again, I’m not one for scary stuff.

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Change your perspective with a big smile!

im happy world

Others will tell you – most annoyingly, when you feel miserable and wretched, and you just want to hold onto those horrid emotions for five minutes – they will pick that specific time to coerce you into turning that frown upside down.

Stupid people.

Yet here I am, about to be one of those stupid people. I’m here to tell you to cheer up!

If you are already of the cheery disposition, away with you, I bid you a good day sir!

However, if today is a day when you feel a bit melancholic, a little weak, a bit broken, I’m here to annoy you into happiness!

It really is all about perspective.

Whatever you have going on today, just take 60 seconds to be still. Try not to give into the thoughts sprinting round and round in your head, and just let your body sink into a peaceful void – free from deadlines, free from stress, free from your own criticism. It’s only 60 seconds, trust me, the rushing world won’t notice, but you will feel lighter for it.

Once you have emptied your busy mind it’s time to smile! I’ve found that if you start smiling – a big, cheesy grin upon your lovely face – it is closely followed by an awkward laugh, mainly at yourself and how silly you must look. But you can’t deny such scientific proof – it doesn’t matter how you got there, but you are now happier than you were one and a half minutes ago.

I hope you continue to have an amazing day!


The Challenge of Building with WordPress

im wordpress


I like to think of myself as being a tech-savvy, intelligent human being – then I tried to make a website with – yup, the fully customisable and optionally free cousin of

Illustrated moment is on the .com version. It was so simple to sign up and start writing – within mere minutes I had a wonderful blog up and running. A recent project of mine has required me to dabble in the word of .org. Charmed by its incredible potential and super low cost, I found myself sitting at the computer, attempting to become a WordPress genius. I had no prior knowledge of coding, and to tell you the truth, I still don’t. I just jumped right in – head first – and blood was drawn.

The website I needed to create had to look professional, sleek, enticing – all the usual jazzy words people throw at us to impress our minds. My vision for the site was going to keep with the current trend of full-width-one-page-animated-coolness. I chose because it told me I could be anything I wanted – ahhem, I meant that the website could be anything I wanted.

I jumped through all the initial hoops: paying for hosting, paying for domain registration, downloading WordPress, installing WordPress (which definitely took longer than “One-Click” – stupid marketing tactics!), remembering a bunch of passwords – and then I sat there, faced with the sheer horror of the situation.

I know nothing about the world.

I clicked stuff, I typed stuff, I forgot to save my changes a couple of times and had to repeat all that stuff, and every time I moved the cursor slightly I would have to preview my site to make sure I hadn’t caused a black hole or something. It was infuriating to feel so dumb. There were moments where I questioned my sense of self – who am I?

One day it worked…sort of. What I mean is that I didn’t absolutely hate my creation when I laid eyes on it. However, it was a fluke – I had made things work by accident. Isn’t that just the worst? You go back, retracing your steps, clicking and unclicking, trying to decipher the mysteriously sourced success you had – and then you mess it up again. Back to square one.

Right, I’m going to hire someone to do it for me.

But that beats the purpose of it being a super cheap option to all the other drag-and-drop-mega-dull website builders available. Okay, let’s stick at it.

Nope, nothing works. The world is falling apart in my hands.

And then the heavens shone on me with their beautifully delayed light of inspiration. I searched for drag-and-drop themes specifically for WordPress – and after an intense five-minute deliberation with myself, I made an investment. WordPress is still challenging me at times…okay, far too often…but I feel like I’m finally on the right track. I created a menu the other day and had to restrain myself from punching the screen in delight. I’m slowly getting the hang of how to use the theme I purchased to manipulate WordPress, but I would be lying if I said I felt safe – sometimes, I get the sense that the WordPress dragon will awaken and fire vicious code in my dumbfounded face, and its perplexity will drown me in noobhood for eternity.

Until that day comes…

…I can think I’m a tech-savvy, intelligent human being.


Serious business meeting

im self port

I drew a self portrait. It’s a special occasion! I knew that badly drawn stick people would not do this post justice – it’s kind of a serious post.

First order of business: I apologise to my wonderful subscribers for the unintentionally long hiatus. I have been working on some things which seem to take up most of my time these days.

Second order of business: a warm hello to the newcomers! You have come at a very exciting time indeed! It’s lovely to have you all on board.

Third order of business: I am here to reveal some more projects! Excitement for the nation! I have been working on a series of animated videos which will be on YouTube and WordPress very shortly. It has been lovingly made and my aim is to create an open source medical school, where you, the viewers will be uber-encouraged to email in with your suggestions for future topics to be covered. I have been working on videos about different conditions, hoping to kick start a community of well-informed, health-cherishing humans. There’s only a short while left before we go live, and when we do, you will be the first one to know. I’m really excited for this project, not only because it brings together my love of animating and sitting at home with a cup of tea in hand, but I’m also hoping for it to flourish and have become a source of charitable funding, particularly for kids with chronic medical issues who have to spend a lot of time in hospital. It has been great working on it so far, but its true success depends on your support. Keep your eyes peeled for the big reveal soon!

Thank you for putting up with illustrated moment as it grows and develops – remember that you can always get in touch by leaving a comment below or for a more personal moment why don’t you drop me an email at!

Have a lovely day, you beautiful person!


The trouble with silent alarms

im silent alarm

I am currently working as a professional lab rat over the summer months and that means I have to wake up by a certain time in the morning. A task which my entire ancestor tree has been doing for as long as life has existed on this gorgeous planet – the task known as waking up – has proved to be somewhat of a difficult thing.

As I’m writing this – and seeing as you are reading this – the general consensus is that I am not in a vegetative state, but in fact I am conscious, alert and orientated. That would mean that I woke up at some point during the day – and I’m happy to report that I did indeed! So what’s the problem? The problem is that I am not waking up at the right time.

Like everybody else, the hour at which I need to wake up by is often too early to make use of my will power, so I set an alarm – in fact, I set about 5 alarms. When I finally go to bed I make sure that my alarm is away from my reach, so that I must get up and switch off it’s super annoying tune – and hoping that the entire process will prompt me not to climb back into bed to cuddle my duvet. Great, so what’s exactly the problem? The fact that I still manage to wake up late because the alarm hadn’t done it’s job!

This perplexing situation made me do a little research of my own. I set the alarm at different times during the day to check that all was in working order – super annoying tune, loud enough to wake up the entire city, going off a million times, absence of a dismiss button – and the results show that there is no reason why I should not be waking up all irritated and tired when the alarm dictates it.

So here’s my very short list of theories on the matter:

1. I am being targeted by an alarm ninja, who sneaks into my room just in time to neutralise the evil alarm clock because they don’t want me to get up and be productive – stupid alarm ninja!

2. I am the alarm ninja – unknowingly rising during deep sleep to switch off the alarm and return back to the dreams happening on the pillow, with no recollection of such activity when I finally do wake up – stupid alarm ninja brain!

Told you it was a very short list.

What a silly problem to be having! I have to now make an effort to retrain my brain to recognise the sound of the alarm clock so I can wake up before any funny business happens to delay my mornings and get me in trouble!

Stupid alarm clocks! 


The incidental discovery of treasure

Today, I was cleaning, clearing and rearranging, when I made a discovery.

My house is cleaned on a regular basis, but there are always corners I can’t reach and furniture I can’t move, which means that the entire house needs to undergo a huge clean up operation every couple of months. Today was on of those days. If only I did major clear out of my home more often – I wouldn’t need to search for another gym ever again.

Even though my back aches like it has aged by 90 years in the last few hours, I am here to report my findings to you, lovely reader.

In my bedroom I have a heavy, white vanity table. It’s not the standard cutesy thing – this one is huge and it means business! On it I have every possible object in the world, except a vanity mirror and make up. These circumstances make this table in particular really difficult to move. But with the sun shining and the energetic determination I woke up with this morning, nothing was going to stop me from cleaning behind it. It took me 20 minutes to inch it away from the wall so I could get behind it, but it was 20 minutes well spent because I couldn’t contain my excitement at what I discovered.

I found a pile of notebooks and folders, which had fallen behind the table and lost in time for the last century or so. Opening the purple folder was the most delightful thing, because I remembered what I had kept in there – my old drawings! These aren’t amateur paintings done in school when I was still too young to understand the building blocks of a simple circle. No, these are drawings I had done during my teenage years.

I have always had a love of animated movies and cartoons. I still do. I have always loved the freedom to create anything you wish when you choose to tell a story in drawings. And that’s exactly how I spent my hours at school – why don’t teachers ever appreciate your artistic drive and inspiration?

So I thought I’d show you a few! Some belong to a story I had begun telling before Disney called it Tangled – about a particularly feisty Rapunzel who had no desire to fall for the Prince Not-So-Charming. Some are just scribbles which look a bit emo from this point in time. Regardless, I hope you enjoy!

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