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I am nothing without my imagination

The World does not obey our concept of fairness. It does not care what happened to you in the past. It doesn’t care that you cried, you hurt, you lost. It doesn’t do handouts. It never has, and that’s what I’m here to remind you about today.

There was a time that I had fallen, I was wounded and weakened by the stumble I took on my journey. It sucked, truly. It was the worst thing I had experienced in my life. It made me feel nauseous and ill, and I hated The World because of it. I was broken because The World didn’t give me what I deserved, what I wanted, what I needed. It was all The World’s fault, and no matter what anyone said, that was my truth.

That moment, weakened by hatred and devastation, I was ready to give up – I was ready to call time on my past efforts, my journey so far, my hopes.

But that moment passed, and something clicked back in place.

The realisation that The World is not fair, it never has been is a seriously powerful one. Although it doesn’t care about your feelings and doesn’t hand out anything for free, The World will deliver if you work hard. If you don’t give up, if you push yourself beyond your made up limits, you will win. The World respects you when you punch it with your all.

It’s easier said than done – right? When you’re hurt, in tears, at a huge loss, it is not possible to find that motivation within you – right?

You would be correct, but only if you choose to ignore the most powerful tool you have in your existence. Your imagination.

Remember when you were a child and your imagination took you to places that seemed impossible to others? Remember the excitement it gave you, the drive it fired up? Go back to your imagination and embrace it!

I imagined the future I wanted. I saw myself overcoming the obstacles that tripped me up, I saw it with my mind’s eye. I witnessed my success before I got back up, and I felt my body and soul strengthen through that simple act. I couldn’t give up – never. Someone or something will have to force me to stop, because I am not a quitter. My imagination overcame the ‘impossible’ and gave me the power to pave my path through this World. The pain didn’t disappear instantly, I wasn’t filled with genuine cheer immediately – but I had something I lacked before, I had an insatiable drive to achieve what I could conjure up in my imagination. My new journey was even tougher, because I had to push to overcome the obstacles in front of me, but also myself. My new journey was even harder, but my imagination gave me a vision to set my targets on, I now had a direction to run in, I developed a determination I had never had the pleasure of knowing before my fall. With vision I am a hard-worker, effective, strong and self-motivated, but I am nothing without my imagination.