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My skills may be cheesy but my message is important!


Hello wonderful people!

I thought I’d share my new video with you all – yes, it’s still as cheesy as the first few.

Unfortunately, my extremely limited animation skills only help me get so far, but I do really enjoy making them!

This video is on the topic of baby bluespostnatal depression and psychosis, which are all difficult challenges new mothers and their families can face following pregnancy. It may not be the most attractive or optimistic thing to consider as parents-to-be or parents-in-training, but it is crucial to be aware of all the realities of pregnancy and the tremendous changes it can cause, both physically and mentally.

I hope you all enjoy it and share it with anyone who you feel may benefit from a little pep talk!



Have a fantastic day!


Author: illustrated moment

illustrated moment was born out of a desire to create and connect through drawing, animating and blogging. Check out the active blog of awesome and become a follower - so you can be in the loop with all the awesome updates. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “My skills may be cheesy but my message is important!

  1. As always… I love it!!

    I’m going to share it with a more popular blog mom who is putting together a book of combined stories about this very subject.

    • Thank you SO much for sharing it!

      I’m really passionate about mother and baby health – so I hope to do more videos in the future about pregnancy and child development (hopefully sooner rather than later!)


  2. A very good video, once again. A topic that needs more exposure and again, perfectly done in a way that everyone will enjoy watching and absorbing the information! Love the positive ending. Well done! (sorry it took me so long to view this…I’m a bit behind on my reading and doing my catching up today!)

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