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The colour of winter is blue


im winter blues

Here in London, Winter and Autumn are two seasons so in love with each other that they fuse into one rainy-cold-dark seven month period. Technically, we’re in autumn now – you know if you measured the trajectory of Earth’s orbit around the Sun – but subjectively it feels far too cold to stick to restrictive terminology.

Winter Blues is most certainly real. If you ask a doctor they will explain that the correct term for it is Seasonal Affective Disordersounds serious right? It essentially means that your overall mood is affected by the seasons, in a negative way, and winter is the usual culprit.

How could one not feel saddened by winter? Sure, there’s Christmas and New Year’s to get excited about, and our American friends have their Thanksgiving celebrations, oh and let’s not forget how the holiday of Love sits towards the end of the season on the 14th of February. However, a few colourful party days can not alleviate the weight of winter – and so, it is the season of complaining.

I complain wholeheartedly about the brutal awakening each morning to the alarm clock, which is ahead of sunrise by two hours. Forcing myself out of bed when the world is dark and absolutely freezing is not only unnatural, but incredibly painful. I sleep in socks so I don’t have to place my feet on cold ground during the dash to the bathroom. With the dramatic shortening of daylight hours, I have to leave the house in the darkest hour and only manage to return long after the sun has disappeared!

I complain sincerely about the lack of greenery. Autumn strips all trees of their green colours and after a brief red-golden show, all that’s left behind are bare branches. Walking under the all grey sky, I can’t help but feel like everything around me is entering survival mode – and that’s depressing to think about.

I complain avidly about being ill. Recently I was struck down by the horrendous flu – coughing, sneezing, losing the inability to smell or taste food, developing a fever, aching all over and general grumpiness – the flu is a gift that keeps on giving!

And now winter is pretty much here in London. I’ve been layering woolly clothes in doors, drinking plenty of hot tea, and find that I’m still freezing when I venture outside despite being under a massive coat and a matching set of gloves and scarf.

I hope you all stay in good spirits this season!

Author: illustrated moment

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2 thoughts on “The colour of winter is blue

  1. I bought some lovely fleece sock at Muji this week, can totally recommend them, very soft and warm. Just what one needs now 🙂
    Take care!

  2. Any season can be sad without happiness, purpose/value and/or love. But, winter is definitely the worst. I don’t mind rain if there is no risk of flooding or being struck by lightning. But, from what I’ve experienced and seen in the news, I’ve almost lost my love of rain. I definitely am not a fan of ice, snow and cold weather. But, if I had sufficient love, friendship and general happiness/purpose/value, I’d ignore the weather and focus on those closest to me. After all, how can I enjoy the winter holidays (including Valentine’s in February) without those things/people?

    If I can only be happy 5 months out of a year?…well, I wonder how that would compare. It’s bad enough I suffer through nearly 6 months of winter and 1-3 months of spring allergies. Then there’s the too hot summer weeks. That leaves me about 2 weeks to a month I may truly enjoy, and it’s not enough by far. Sigh.

    I can hear Freddy Mercury singing…”Find me somebody to looove…”

    You know you’ve had the worst flu when you either end up in the hospital for internal bleeding or you can’t even walk upright or feel the hot water in the shower. I’ve been there, and I don’t want to repeat it. But, I think the flu shot craze is a bit suspicious.

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