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A sugary apology?



What an idiot I have been!

Failing to update this blog because my mind has been incapable of juggling in a graceful yet artistic manner – as I said, what and idiot.

But I am here to let you in on a big secret (we might have to work on the definition of secret a bit later on), I am about to reveal one of my time-consuming-and-sometimes-hair-pullingly-annoying projects, because your approval means everything to me.

As you know from my previous post I have been using my limited creativity and imagination to create a series of health-related videos. I promise that they won’t be the kind which encourage you to embark on a colon cleanse or a diet of raw vegetables, it won’t even be about how many crunches you should do if you want that beach body in the next 30 years – I promise that they won’t scare you into a guilty state. My videos will be about the REAL health-related stuff, like diseases which affect our friends and family, and even us. They will be colourful, informative and utterly awesome ways of getting you to think about the conditions and issues you’ve already come across, and learn a lot about some that you have yet to witness!

So I introduce to you Illustrated Health

You can find its blog on our darling WordPress, where those juicy videos will be embedded for you to enjoy! You can also find it on YouTube, where the videos will be updated (hopefully) every fortnight. And guess what! I am going to try my hand at Twitter again (Oh dear…)! That means that you can find Illustrated Health on the Twittersphere as well! Goodness gracious, would you look at all those plugs? And with a cheeky smile I bid you farewell, but not before I embed my first video right here!


Author: illustrated moment

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8 thoughts on “A sugary apology?

  1. THIS IS BRILLIANT. I’m serious. I clicked on it not expecting to watch the whole thing and I watched every second. I learned so much and I enjoyed it! This series is going to be awesome and I’m quite sure will be picked up by health organizations, schools, etc. You have done a magnificent job with this!

    • Thank you so much! You are always so kind and encouraging of my amateur adventures! I hope you are well 🙂

      • Better than ever over here – today anyway! And I don’t know why you’re using that word “amateur”…..there is nothing amateurish about this project/product at all. My God, you are really onto something major with this.

        • Thank you!!!

          Hopefully I can keep up an acceptable level of consistency with the videos. No doubt I have really enjoyed myself so far.

          So happy to hear that you’re in high spirits! Remain like that as long as you can. Resist stress. Viva la happiness!

  2. Loved it and can’t wait to learn more.

    I also plan on using these in my homeschooling! !!

  3. I’ll be sure to check it out!

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