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Spring cleaning: the desperate low of procrastination

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Hello wonderful people of the internet! Another nonsense update from me landing on to your retinas!

With exams looming ever so closely (just under 3 weeks – I believe) I have been feeling less “woo, let’s revise until our brains are mushy with knowledge” and more like “oh I must do cleaning, cooking, mindless staring at a wall before I could even attempt revision“. Do you ever get that?

You are acutely aware of how much work there is to complete, but your mind thinks of every single possible activity as an alternative to productivity.

There was a list of things I had to cover by lunchtime today, but instead I decided to delve into full blown spring cleaning. After 3 hours of intense tidying, polishing and uncovering too many things to throw out I was done – the house looked too perfect to live in. With that job done I thought my brain would be ready to start working…but it wanted to watch TV and contemplate what to have for lunch!

No doubt my productivity will spike once the deadline of exams are closer and adrenaline surges keep me up and glued to the textbooks! Until then, I’m going to have to find tiny moments between my extraordinary efforts to procrastinate when I can get the necessary studying done.

Please wish me luck!


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One thought on “Spring cleaning: the desperate low of procrastination

  1. Definitely I wish you much luck! You’re going to do just fine! And if not, at least you’ve got an uberclean nest to heal in! 🙂

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