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The Rock vs The Slice of Cake


There is a battle I fight…every single day. Whether I should sweat the toxins out in an epic workout and then consume a minuscule portion of salad OR just eat cake. It’s a tough one. On one hand you have prospects of a healthier heart and stronger physique, but cake tastes so good!

So cake always usually wins.

I’m that annoying person who will eat a slice of cake whilst watching a workout video and ‘promising‘ to actually do it at some point in my lifetime. I once attempted a ‘diet’ of some sort, but rules around food just don’t agree with me – you can’t chain me, I’m a free range chicken! When cutting out the food didn’t work, I signed up to the gym…but our relationship was cut short when I discovered that I don’t like to get hot, sweaty and red in the face. People love to say they exercise – they talk about how far they’ve run before they’ve even got to work, they discuss the clean eating habits they have adopted to compliment their beastly gym regimes – and I eavesdrop to these conversations while I happily eat my delicious cake. I would hate for you to misunderstand me, I like being active – walking, hiking, sightseeing, dancing awkwardly – but those activities have to be fun and goal orientated! Entering a box room with musty air and several equipments to have humans simulate real outdoor activities just doesn’t do it for me. But give me a trail to hike on, a forest to walk through, a city to sightsee on foot – those activities I can do.

Isn’t cake so nice? I bet you like cake too. Who doesn’t? Sure there are some evil doctors out there who tell you cake is not good for your health, but no-one ever gives cake up voluntarily. It’s sweet and soft, it’s fluffy like a cloud and affectionately dressed in icing. It’s so delightful that we choose it to mark all the special occasions in our lives. There are the birthdays, the weddings, the engagement parties, the retirement parties, the congratulations parties – basically cake defines any party. Everyone on the guest list is coming for the cake – this is a fact of life.

So there I was taking a break from a horrendously boring textbook, which I was pretending to read (move over Leonardo DiCaprio, the next Oscar is mine). I began trawling through my Twitter feed when I stumbled upon the following tweet:

Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock has been one of my favourite celebrities for the longest time. He is a dedicated performer with such discipline when it comes to his life and obviously his fitness. Have you ever read an article about him getting utterly wasted and spilling out of a nightclub? Have you ever seen a report of his visit to rehab? I haven’t. He seems like a genuinely hard working individual who is doing whatever benefits him. And here he was, on Twitter, trying to motivate his followers to train their bodies to fitness perfection – he even encouraged the notion that pain was fun. And there I was, on Twitter, reading his words and feeling his message, which immediately resonated with me – so I finished off my slice of cake.

Maybe I’ll train insane for an eating competition.


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3 thoughts on “The Rock vs The Slice of Cake

  1. Love your view and can’t say enough about your perfect description of cake!

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