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The unproductive weekend


What are weekends for?

Shouldn’t they be about sleeping in till noon, not caring enough to style your hair, ordering food for delivery, catching up on the shows you feel too embarrassed to tell your friends about, and taking naps – naps are good. I have no doubt that the creators of the week intended for Saturday and Sunday to be celebration days for the lazy soul inside all of us.

And then, work came along – and demanded as much of your life you could sacrifice for it. When you were a child and you brazenly told an adult that you were going to be a doctor, vet, astronaut, fireman and Batman when you grow up, I’m sure you didn’t expect the constant blood, sweat and tears they would suck out of you.

As with any child, I used to like doing things my way – and for me the perfect day involved drawing what I wanted, where I wanted, and deciding when enough was enough. I didn’t like the bit where I would get told off for getting more of the paint on my clothes than on the canvas – but adults hey? The only structure I wouldn’t object to during my perfect day was meal times – but then again, when have I ever objected to food?

Unfortunately, those days are in the archives of my memory bank now. Soon after being hit by the train known as puberty, I was yanked out of my childhood dreams of being a superhero space doctor and forced to face the harsh reality of the adult world. It was a dark place without much room from creativity and certainly no encouragement for those who wished to take an unorthodox route through life. Slowly but surely, everyone around me was being funnelled into one job or the other – and I would be expected to do the same.

The deadlines and tests kept coming at me, and they were the monsters which nibbled away at my evenings and weekends. Unless you can learn at your own pace and pursue areas of personal interest alongside all the necessary components of your education, being a student is nothing more than being a very poor human being who functions with high stress levels and a constant feeling that you aren’t doing enough. Why do you stick at it? Because there is a career at the end of it (potentially), and the hardships you endure today are supposed to fuel your ascent up the ‘career ladder’ everyone keeps raving on about.

Now I’ve never been one to enjoy strenuous exercise, and that ‘career ladder’ business does seem like hard work without the promise of a safety net to break your fall. But I do like a challenge, and this is the reason why my weekends are owned by textbooks and spent scribbling notes to be memorised at some point in the near future – hopefully. It’s why I don’t have a social life, and probably the ultimate reason behind my recently acquired antisocial tactics. You see, I am not supposed to enjoy myself on the weekends, I’m supposed to dismiss any notion of ‘free time’, especially with exams being so close. I’m supposed to measure the quality of my life in terms of productivity – but my short attention span took me on a joyride this weekend. Deep sigh.

I had the most unproductive weekend in the history of mankind. Fine, I ditched the textbooks in an effort to relax and have fun, but I was consumed by guilt majority of the time and I slept through the rest. I had made a conscious effort to post less on the illustrated moment blog (thank you for reading, kind sir and lovely madam) in the run up to exams, but here I was with ‘free time’ and no excuse, yet still unable to do anything I wanted. It has been the most unproductive and frustrating weekend ever. My life had lacked ‘free time’ for so long that a sudden abundance of the thing led me to freeze!

Oh and by ‘freeze‘ I meant ‘to continue abusing Netflix’s free trial, eat more burgers and sleep when I got a break from those two activities’.


Author: illustrated moment

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2 thoughts on “The unproductive weekend

  1. oh, this happened to me a lot on hot days. the day where you want to be productive but you just can’t.

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