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Human sacrifice

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Long-dead ancient civilisations used blood sacrifice to appease their gods. Communities would gather round and celebrate the death of another human being – and afterwards they would rejoice and party the night away.

Gruesome, right? *shudder*

Human sacrifice was seen as a way of ensuring the victory of a battle, a good harvest, a change in the weather and other nonsense. You may think that such silliness is long behind us, but human sacrifice is still in existence – it’s just that the method has become less gory.

If you have ever stuck through a job which you loathed with every single atom of your existence, but you did it because you wanted the money to pay bills and survive, then you sacrificed yourself. If you have ever been in a relationship where the other person has made you feel uncomfortable, upset or disrespected, but you fought through your tears, then you sacrificed yourself. If you have ever been in a situation where you were in pain and agony, but you still smiled to keep up appearances, then you sacrificed yourself.

My question for you is: is it all bad?

In order to be successful and achieve your ambitions there is no doubt that some sacrifice of time and energy will be involved. But what if you were sacrificing a lot more?

What if you were staying in a workplace which didn’t value you enough? You may feel depreciated, saddened or even angry, but you had a family to support or some other goal you were saving up to reach – so you continue to do your best and show up everyday, because you are aware that your sacrifice is greater than yourself.

What if you continued to stand by someone who failed to hear what you had to say and make you feel cherished every second of every day? You may feel disappointed, betrayed or even infuriated, but you saw through their external walls and witnessed the internal conflict they are struggling through – so you continue to keep your promise and stand by them through the storms, because you are aware that your sacrifice is greater than yourself.

What if you were stranded in a painful social or physical interaction which pulled up the vicious insecurities from the depths of your mind and soul? You may feel vulnerable, uneasy or even lost, but you appreciate that fighting through the pain and discomfort is your only chance of beating your demons and rising out of this abyss – so you do your best to smile and stand your ground as firmly as your body will allow you, because you are aware that your sacrifice is greater than yourself.

When you get passed that negative moment in your life, and you are standing taller and stronger than ever before, you will realise how it was your sacrifice which got you there. When you can think beyond yourself you will see that your actions today equate to greater, more beneficial things tomorrow – and it won’t only be you who gets to reap the rewards. Your sacrifice will have given your loved ones and some others you haven’t even met yet, the chance for a brighter future. People may not always be good at appreciating your efforts out loud, but I just want to tell you that your sacrifice means the world to someone else, and because of your selfless act you have become greater than yourself.


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