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How to become an Art Consultant in 6 easy steps

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1. Have an imagination.

2. Corner someone who is in need of a logo for something.

3. Scribble something mildly acceptable on a piece of paper.

4. Sign underneath.

5. Take a picture with your smartphone just in case they don’t pay you for the awesomeness you have provided – photographic evidence is important for court.

6. Fistpump the air and declare that you’re now an Art Consultant.


And there we have it. 6 easy steps to become an Art Consultant.

Now, enjoy the life of waltzing around galleries, getting away with the most bizarre fashions, and having an opinion about every little thing.

At least that’s what I’m hoping life will be like from now on. I must admit that in the last week that I have become a make-believe Art Consultant I’ve not really seen much of a change in my life. The news of my arrival must not have reached anyone outside of my body yet. I’ll just sit here in the meantime, making sense of the hue of paint slathered onto the wall in front of me, conjuring meaning from the apparent silent hype surrounding my new career move.

Yes, that’s a good plan.


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