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World Water Day 2014

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It’s hard to believe that 768 million people just like you and I do not have access to the one true necessity in our lives – safe drinking water.

That is an awful fact, right? In these modern times, with all this technology surrounding us, with so much money being invested here and there – how is it possible that we have not made water available to everyone?

Whether you are an Eco-Warrior or someone who would like to see the world be a better place for all of humanity, regardless of monetary or social status, then I call you to show your support on this very fine day – World Water Day.

This is an initiative by the United Nations – so it’s a pretty big deal! Check out their website here to read more about the work they have been doing to promote water saving methods and to provide clean drinking water to everyone.

For those of you who are better than I ever will be at using Twitter, the charity WaterAid is calling you to raise awareness by using #EveryoneEverywhere in your tweets. It’s great to read just how many people are compassionate enough to show their support on social media, but the true work of making safe water possible is done with the generous donations of people just like you! So if you have the desire to send a small amount of money for a wonderful cause, make sure you click here!

The United Nations aren’t the only ones declaring that this reality is unacceptable – so are we! Enjoy this day by being grateful for living in a society where you don’t even have to think about where to get water to quench your thirst – you turn on a tap and there it is, like magic. Unfortunately, this is not a reality shared by 768 million other residents on this beautiful planet, so let’s use our voices to make some changes. Write a blog post, message your friends, tweet your heart out, and let’s make life worth living for #EveryoneEverywhere!


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