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March jitters

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The Northern hemisphere is loving the Sun. It’s so bright, warm and very welcome!

March is a great month – mainly because it marks the end of the cold Winter. However, March can also be the time when students all over the world begin to feel the jitters of stress.

I don’t know why it is that most school systems insist on having the academic year between September and July – but I suspect it is a timeline decided by expert torturers. They expect those poor, vulnerable and eternally hungry students to motivate themselves to leave the comfort of their warm beds to attend classes in the gloomy Winter days, and then expect them to be under voluntary house arrest when the Sun has come out to party in the Summer.

Ergh. That’s just hurtful to my nature.

Although I hate to admit it, March is the time to start the consideration process of settling down to some hardcore revision. My psyche is fine and having a blast during the first 50% of the year, but the moment March comes round, all my internal alarm systems are triggered.

It’s hard to stay motivated when you’re stuck inside, metaphorically chained to a desk and hearing the world outside your window sizzle with the great mood the Spring and Summer months provide us with.

But we must persevere! Soon enough, we will be able to run through the streets with shorts on, ice cream in hand and eventually pass out from heatstroke. Until then, we have to understand the limitations of being students and appreciate that this phase in our lives is only temporary (unless you are philosophically literal, in which case we are eternal students in the school of the Universe – but that’s not what I’m talking about).

I hope the Sun is out where you are, and I hope you will have the opportunity to enjoy it soon. For those of you who are not students/have deadlines in the Summer, well you are extremely lucky, and we envy you…in a really nice, loving, hug-giving kind of way!


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