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The seeds of Spring

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NB: This post is going to get really excited about the momentary Sun the Northern Hemisphere has seen recently. The imminent arrival of Spring is a joyous occasion that will release us Northerners from the chains of a miserable Winter. If you happen to live in the Southern Hemisphere and seeing your Summer time disappear rapidly before your eyes, please try not to hate us too much. After all, you are just now leaving an amazingly warm season behind, which you partied through while we shivered under our blankets.

It’s mid-March. The Sun is attempting to re-enter our lives and it’s bringing warm joy with it!

This Winter definitely felt longer than the year before. It was cold, damp and just miserable, but now that London has seen a few moments of sunshine, hope has filled our hearts.

Oh London, the land of unpredictable, yet often rainy weather. You scare us into carrying our umbrellas wherever we go. However, a single minute’s worth of Sun last week was enough to cause the daffodils to bloom, and the people to strip down into some nifty shorts. How exciting is this? Soon we will be in the summer months, eating ice cream and laying comatose in the patches of green dotted around the city.

I greeted the warm weather by sowing the seeds of the plants I hope to grow this year. As an amateur vegetable gardener, I have eagerly planted some tomatoes, aubergines, peas and lots of chillies. The one downside of living in London? Space – well, the lack of it really. Unless you’re rich (and own an actual garden) or lucky (to own an allotment garden) the chances are that you do you’re ‘farming’ on a truly miniature scale – probably on a window sill. Thou shalt not fret! After all, people pay good money to purchase greenhouses, and here I am, living inside one. My window sills have produced lots of lovely vegetables in the past, so here’s hoping that this year we will see lots and lots of Sun to nurture those tiny seeds of Spring.


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