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Telling secrets and talking gossip

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You have something to share, but only with someone close. You have a secret and you want to trust someone with it. Maybe it’s too heavy of a secret to keep it all to yourself, maybe you feel like it will solidify your bond with that person, maybe it’s because you just tell them everything anyway. And here you are, ready to tell them something you have kept hidden from the rest of the world. You’re conflicted – you don’t want them to share your secret with anyone else – in fact you tell them not to divulge this information to any further souls! But how can you know? How do you know that they won’t lie to you or blurt it out unintentionally? You don’t know. You couldn’t ever know if they kept your secret as safe as you, but you tell them anyway. They’re close to you, they’ve shared their secrets with you in the past, they love you – and so you justify opening up a part of your life that they have yet to witness. You trust that they will respect your secret as much as you did.

Our secrets can mean the world to us. Some are deep and profound whilst others tend to be more towards the trivial end of the scale. Regardless of their nature, our secrets are our business – no one else is entitled to know about them without our intention and permission.

The other side of telling a secret is gossiping. Someone’s told you something, they trusted you to keep it safe. It was important enough for them to hide it and guard it, but they felt compelled to inform you. They told you not to utter a single syllable to someone else – and you promised. However, in another moment you found yourself divulging their secret. Maybe you didn’t even have a bad intention about it – you just happened to tell someone something they really didn’t need to know. Why did you say it? Do you even know? Maybe you didn’t understand the gravity of the trust someone had for you when they decided to share a snippet of their life with only you.

Sometimes the intention behind gossip is malicious, and at times the sharing of information isn’t premeditated and can be unintentional. Either way, when you trust someone with your secret, you do not want them to turn it into the town’s gossip. So just as a rule of thumb, if someone chooses to privilege you with their deepest secrets and tell you not to spill the beans to anyone else, make sure you respect their wishes, and refrain from creating unnecessary drama by discussing information that you don’t own. Your trustworthiness will increase. The respect you have shown towards people will come full circle, and your secrets will be kept safe as well.

In this day and age, where communication is all too easy and life is lived all too publically, it is really impressive to have secrets to tell, but the more impressive feat is to refrain from gossiping.


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