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The philosophy of the hard boiled egg


Welcome to the world of super-intellectual philosophical research department at the University of Magical South Pole Elves. Our department has a piece of news to share, and please don’t be offended – keep an open mind!

We are all hard boiled eggs. With the shell still left on.

Take a look at the picture above – take it all in.

A hard boiled egg may not be the compliment you were looking for, but I mean it with the best of intentions.

Your outer shell is fragile and thin. It is the layer of relationships with friends and the part of you which is exposed to the external world. It’s superficial, but it’s based on hedonistic values. It’s the part of you which chooses the enjoyable experiences of life. You tend to spend time doing what you like, you talk to people you get on with and avoid everything that doesn’t bring a smile to your face.

Take away the shell and you get to your egg white! This layer is thicker and deeper. Everything in this part of your life is close to your core self. Your close friends, your dear family members, your sentiments and memories belong to this part of your being. You have the strength to endure through tough times for this portion of life. You can make sacrifices for your closest relationships and really important possessions because you highly value their existence. Everything that you hold dear in the egg white affects your values, opinions and ultimately the actions you take.

Beneath the egg white is the yummy yolk. This is your core. No-one but yourself can access the things that go on in this yellow centre. If you have ever booked a one-way ticket to experience life in a temple somewhere exotic, in the hopes of finding yourself – it’s this bit you are looking for. Enlightenment stems from turning into yourself, your high-calorie yolky core. Ultimately, your level of contentment and the feeling of bliss is determined from this central part of yourself which is hidden from all the worlds you choose to inhabit. Your core essence can be neglected if you constantly focus your attention and energy on the egg white and egg shell, and you can help nurture this crucial area of your being by periodically taking the time out to quietly reflect on your self.

Yes, the moral of the story is that you have to allow some room in your busy schedule to be a bit selfish. Wind down without the constant barrage of information attacking you for once, switch off from the worlds you inhabit for only a moment. Look inside yourself, figure out why you are happy or unhappy, discover where your passions lie, wonder about which part of the future you would like to explore – have a moment to yourself so you can take a deep breath, and a few more.

Your real goal in life, just like everyone else’s, is to be at peace. We can all list a million and one things we would like to achieve, accomplish, attain but at the core of everything we want to be happy about the lives we have led. You may find it a morbid topic – but let’s not deny that we are mortal beings, and often is it not until we find ourselves in the dying process that we begin to work through our internal chores in an effort to depart peacefully. As the external egg shell and all the pleasure-giving superficial attachments in our life begin to disintegrate. As we say our goodbyes to dearly loved ones and possessions to ready ourselves for the severance of the egg white. Only our yellow egg yolk centre is left, and it represents our true self, free from all emotional and physical attachment. It is the part of you that is content with having lived, it wanted nothing more, and nothing less.


Author: illustrated moment

illustrated moment was born out of a desire to create and connect through drawing, animating and blogging. Check out the active blog of awesome and become a follower - so you can be in the loop with all the awesome updates. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “The philosophy of the hard boiled egg

  1. What a brilliant philosophy. It holds very true. Your shell is your ego and it can crack very easily. Now you can be hard boiled (resilient) and if your shell cracks that’s OK, because you can hold yourself together and recover. But if your shell is all there is to you, and the only thing you care about, then when it cracks, you collapse and become a gooey mess. So I like this post because it reminds us to develop our core first, then pay attention to the superficial shell!

  2. Oh, I love this! And we could take this the other way round too……talking about which parts of us develop first and how as we continue to develop if we’re not careful we get further and further removed from our core. Great post!

    • Yes you are absolutely right! It’s always refreshing to have a moment to reflect on what our core really wants and needs – so that your next step can make you happier and more peaceful!

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