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The melodramatic flu

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I hate being ill. The stuffy sinuses, the swollen eyes and the persistent cough. Disgusting. One minute I feel like I’m burning up in a tropic jungle, and the very next moment I am plunged into the icy ocean of the Arctic circle.

Being ill doesn’t suit me. Some people can be cute when they are in the grips of the vicious flu – I am most definitely not one of them. What should be rosy cheeks of a slight fever, look tomato red on me. When some choose to buy especially soft Aloe Vera tissues to gently dab their pink noses – I use whatever is available, and often that is a toilet roll. I hear about people losing weight when they are unwell. I hear that they had no appetite. There is no such problem over here – if anything, I have an increased appetite when I’m battling the flu.

As I said, I hate being ill, and being ill really doesn’t suit me. Spending the entire day in bed just depresses me – unless I have back to back episodes of Parks and Recreation to keep me entertained, and then it’s a good day. Although contracting the flu only reminds me of my immune system’s betrayal, I must admit that I thoroughly enjoying having an excuse to stay at home. You’re automatically exempt from washing the dishes, you can guilt trip people into bringing you food and cups of glorious tea, and everyone knows that you can do whatever you please. Every cloud may have its silver lining, but I would rather be a sky of sunshine than some congested, lethargic cloud.

Between the box of chocolates I had for breakfast, and the continuous grazing on delicious carbohydrates throughout the day, I am certain that I have doped up on all the necessary vitamins I need to regain my strength. One more sleep and I should once again be ready to not run that imaginary marathon.

The flu season is long and drab. Make sure you wash your hands frequently, and try to avoid touching your face – I hear that’s how those pesky viruses begin their rampage on your immune system. Remember to eat some fruit to get your vital vitamin C. If your immune system ends up betraying you too, do not stress – just make sure you eat what you like and watch plenty of Parks and Recreation.


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