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6 things that make you The Best Friend

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Just in case you live under a rock, Valentine’s day is knocking on your front door. Yes people, it is that time of year again when you can’t win, whether you are single or in a relationship. If you don’t have anyone to cuddle up with on the 14th of February, you will be met with a sympathetic ‘awwwww’ and a gentle tap on the back of your arm, as people take pity on you. It doesn’t get better if you’re in a relationship either – your other half will be filled with expectations that you don’t have the psychic ability to meet, so it will be a sweet disappointment for both of you. However, when the clock strikes midnight all you Cinderellas can run off home and breathe a sigh of relief that Valentine’s day won’t be bothering you again for a whole year!

I’m sure you are all sick by now of the awful red and pink decorations that have been thrust into our faces wherever we go, so I’m not going to give you anymore grief. Yes, Valentine’s day is about Love – but there is no love more true than that shared between best friends. So I choose to dedicate my “pre-Valentine’s day” post to all the best friends out there! Of course, you can listen to all their obsessive rants, be the shoulder to cry on, or the excuse to procrastinate over some hot chocolate – but all those things can be done by a good friend, and I’m talking about being The Best Friend.

Want to know the 10 things that make you the ultimate best friend? Go ahead, read on:

1. You tell them to man up when they get silly with emotion

Whether we like to admit it or not, we can all get very melodramatic at times. And a Best Friend’s job is to say “enough!“, when they are acting completely helpless, useless and an absolute emotional wreck. You won’t shout them back into reality immediately, because you are patient and loving, but a Best Friend has their best interests at heart – so when you tell you to stop crying and drooling into the pillow, you better heed those words!

2. You promise you’ll end up in the same nursing home

You can’t be without your best friend when you both are finally equipped with walking sticks! Imagine the menace you will get into by egging each other on. You both can’t wait to grown old together.

3. You insult them – with love

It would be awkward if you honestly complimented them every single time you meet – you both are beyond the phases of your friendship where impressing the other person and strengthening that emotional bond was necessary. Seeing as your bond is pretty much unbreakable, let’s flex those mean-but-only-you-know-the-macho-love-beneath muscles.

4. You embarrass them

Maybe they’re talking to their crush, their boss, their parents, or some other people they are trying to impress with their severe form of seriousness. Your job as The Best Friend is to force them to relax. You know that they are the most awesome person on the planet, and this is your method of loosening them up so their inner confidence can shine, making them effortlessly impressive. Good call, Best Friend, you may have just saved their life (that’s how we all try to justify it to ourselves)!

5. You are brutally honest about their clothing choices

You don’t want them to make a fool out of themselves – and you can’t be seen with them if they do. If you let them wear something hideous and ill-fitting, know that they will blame you, so you might as well tell them to change into something else now, and save yourself the headache.

6. You guilt trip them

It isn’t abuse. You just know that they love you so much anyway, and they would really rather come with you than go to that other important thing. So you tug on their heartstrings, show them your best puppy-dog eyes, and reel off the many times you did something grudgingly in order to make them happy. It’s not abuse if both parties are fully aware of what is going on and still give consent to be a part of the shenanigans. You know that it would be 100% less fun without them by your side, and so do they. Even though they see right through your manipulative efforts, they accept – because Best Friends stick together!

Now go and give your Best Friend a giant bear-hug!


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