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The inspiration switch


There is nothing better than feeling inspired. Your mind races faster, your heart beats stronger and your fingers type quicker. If you’re lucky enough to have a moment of inspiration, you become productive in the most effortless way. Creativity just flows from your fingertips and you ooze a sense of understated confidence.

Yes. All that magic occurs when you feel inspired.

Unfortunately, there is no switch for such awesomeness. Unlike with most things in life, you can’t actively inspire yourself – you just have to sit and wait. Of course, you can look into books, magazines, museums and the great fantastical internet for some triggers of inspiration, but if it doesn’t happen, it just doesn’t happen. That can feel a little demotivating. Sitting there, waiting quietly for the spirit of inspiration to choose you, can in fact be a long wait. I have often found myself impatiently reflecting on what my next move should be. I eagerly look around for anything that will give me back that spark. Unlike a ‘writer’s block’ which only stops you from finishing off that chapter or essay, I tended to develop a sort of ‘life block’ where I was preoccupied with my lack of creativity and, as a consequence, lost interest in my surroundings – what’s the point of looking if it’s not going to inspire me?

I was wrong. Very wrong.

You can’t put such an incredible pressure on yourself! If you want to create when inspired, you have to accept the unpredictable nature of your creations. Yes, you may not be able to schedule your projects in regular intervals, and you may not produce the same quality of work each and every time, but when it does happen, it will be special. You will cherish that moment and its product. It will energise you, and because you didn’t force it your creativity will be free-flowing and super-awesome. Inspiration is a bit like a switch – but it’s on your back, just beyond your reach – something will switch it on eventually and you will be buzzing with excitement once again.

Whatever you love doing, you must remember not to fall out of love with it when you’re taking an involuntary hiatus – because when it all comes back to you, and it will, you have to meet it with open arms and embrace it tightly!


Author: illustrated moment

illustrated moment was born out of a desire to create and connect through drawing, animating and blogging. Check out the active blog of awesome and become a follower - so you can be in the loop with all the awesome updates. Enjoy!

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