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Are you having a dumpling day?

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There are days when nothing feels right.

You woke up groggy, got dressed grudgingly and didn’t really feel like having breakfast. Your journey to work or school sucked, everyone is lame and you just want the day to be over. You’re miserable and you don’t know why. You’re melancholic and feel great annoyance towards chirpy people – what’s there to be chirpy about, huh?

If you’re slowly nodding to yourself in agreement when reading this, I’m here to tell you that you are having a dumpling day. You may be feeling miserable or less caring than usual, and you may not know why you are feel down in the dumps but you really can’t say you’re happy at the moment. Just like a Chinese dumpling, you feel confined in a steamy prison, squashed in with other irritating dumplings when all you crave is some serious personal space and fresh air. You may be contemplating that you need a change of pace, a new hobby or that the only solution is to run away and live on the streets of a foreign city. I’m here to tell you that it will be just fine. You will wake up and be yourself once again. The joy of Life will run through your veins and dreams will fill your head, just like before.

We all suffer from transient episodes of dumpling syndrome, and then we just snap out of it. However, if you’re finding that your dumpling day is turning into dumpling weeks or months, you should ask for some advice from your doctor who could give you a hand on the journey back to your fabulous-rainbow-unicorn self.

You’re not alone. We are 7.138 billion strong on this wonderful planet.

Even if you’re having a crappy day, I’m here to tell you that you are lovely parcel of potential!


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