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Robot vs Human

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If you’re a student you will have deadlines, assignments and examinations. If you’re employed you will share similar pressures, along with targets, evaluations and the prospect of promotions. No matter who you are, Society provides us with a huge picnic basket of mental burdens.

Working hard has become equal to success in our minds, and many of us are guilty of letting the pressures of Life get to us more than necessary. As children, we begin school and soon learn to put our toys down and compete with our peers. As teenagers, we are subtly expected to ignore the emotional rollercoaster our hormones hold us hostage on, so that we may achieve good grades and a good foundation for our future. As adults, we are taught to do as we’re told and be rewarded with money for bills and material goods.

If we do everything perfectly and follow the instructions impeccably, we would be no different to a well-built machine. A planet of robots. But, that is not the case in reality.

As children, we are most joyful when we play with our action figures and create portraits of loved ones out of dry macaroni. As teenagers, we are most peaceful when we are socialising and having fun with friends. As adults, we are most content when we are loved and surrounded by family and people who became family overtime. In short, we are human beings. The prospect of creating, thinking and discussing excites us, and provides fuel for a fulfilled life. Our jobs and our studies shouldn’t be our primary reasons to exist, but they should be seen as the perfect way to learn new skills, achieve new goals and enhance the development of our souls.

We could never function like robots – it’s just not in our nature. We would consist of a badly wired circuit, with sparks flying all over the place, inside a metallic box, devoid of character or personality. It is our human nature to strive to be the best, to compete and desire to win, to want everything and still want even more. We are the perfect mix of an emotional living creature and a rational, hard-working and enduring machine of intelligence. That, is the definition of our nature.


Author: illustrated moment

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