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Rain, rain, go away!


The one thing that can be guaranteed in London is an abundance of rain!

Whilst the rest of the world enjoys 4 very distinctive seasons, us Londoners experience a blurring of their boundaries by lots and lots of rain. An umbrella should be your constant companion, even when the weather report is optimistically denying any possibility of rain – because as soon as you forget your umbrella at home…it will rain.

I’m eager for the days to get longer, with more sun and warmth. The days where you don’t have to wear layers and layers of clothing to keep warm like an Eskimo. Ah, the days where you could wear cute shoes and know that they won’t end up muddy and ugly within the next 12 hours.

I’m praying those days come soon, because the cold and wet weather is leaving me far too susceptible to viral infections than I usually like. I also self-diagnosed that I have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD…so…sad). If, like me, you feel less excited, motivated and inspired when the clouds are plenty and grey, you may have it too. But do not fret! I know the cure – as soon as the sun donates its beautiful rays for longer periods in the day, we will need to invest in some sparkly shoes!


Author: illustrated moment

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2 thoughts on “Rain, rain, go away!

  1. not the English alone you know !!! here in Belgium we get lots and lots of rain !!! I don’t like it but I prefer rain above snow and ice

    • haha! I realise that we are all in a prolonged season of winter-autumn weather! And you’re right! Snow is only fun for the first morning, when it’s crunchy and fluffy – then it becomes a hazard!

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