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Happy New Year (resolution)!

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Yes, we are officially in 2014, and boy, am I glad to welcome its arrival. There is nothing better than the first few days of a fresh new year. Standing at this point in time, the future is full of so much positive potential just waiting to become a reality. Its invigorating isn’t it?

Apart from the food, the laughter, the family, the friends, the drinks, the chocolates, the glitter, the party hats, the excitement and the sheer joy of it all, there is one thing we’re all pressured to do – commit to a New Year’s resolution.

Have you made your mind up yet? Obviously, there is the always popular option of adopting a healthier lifestyle, which saves you time and breath as you don’t have to list the 101 habits you so terribly enjoy indulging in. Whether you’re replacing burgers with salad or going to buy a bike and some tight shorts to go with it, a healthier lifestyle is always a positive thing that we should invite into our lives. But if you are anything like me, you didn’t want to waste time promising something you know you already do so well (extreme denial), then you might be finding it a bit of a challenge, this New year resolution thing. I wish you luck for the process!

After spending a significant couple of minutes analysing my far from perfect life, I came to my decision. What I need to make my existence better is…

…a drum roll please…

My 2014 resolution is to wake up at 7am every morning!***

It would be wonderful to start the day off at 7am – I’d have so much time to do everything I usually put off till the evening. Let’s face it I’m absolutely knackered by 5pm and merely function at my most basic level: eating, thinking about eating more, watching the fabulous internet and waiting to feel sleepy enough to get into bed. That is why I always have a ridiculously long To-Do list, because I don’t have enough high performance time in my day. So 7am it is!

***Note: I’ll probably lose all recollection of the current excitement I feel about this resolution as soon as my alarm goes off at 7 in bloody morning, and most likely go back to sleep until it is well into the afternoon. Thank you for reading anyway.

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